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Have you ever come to some events such as sport events, music event or concerts, conference? If you have ever come to such kinds of event, you may have experienced they way the event organizers run the event analytics management. Event management is how the event can be managed. There are many problems that can be seen obviously when an event is not managed well. One of the most common problems that can be seen is long queue. Generally, it caused by the system that is not ready and doesn’t run properly to overcome the problems. This condition can postpone or delay the event and also influence the overall process of the event. PouchNation can be a good solution to this problem. We are going to discuss briefly about PouchNation and how it works to solve the problem.
What is PouchNation?
PouchNation is a global event technology provider. Specifically, PouchNation developed NFC based system that will help event organizers to manage the guest registration and ticket as well as cashless payment systems. NFC based system is a system that can interact easily by only bring one device closely to another device. This technology has been used in Smartphone to share information or data easily to another Smartphone when those two devices are close each other. PouchNation adopt this technology in event management.

How it works
NFC based system that developed by PouchNation will come in a form of wristband, accreditation cards, and E-card. There will be also receiver device that will be used by event organizers to verify some data. In ticketing and guess registration, this technology can replace the conventional payment using money. There will be no longer stressful queue because the process of verification and registration is very simple and fast by only putting the wristband to the receiver device.

That’s all about PouchNation. Generally, it is a very helpful system and technology can be used in event management and accreditation service. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference for you to manage your event well.

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